Driving an automatic car is a very different affair rather than driving a manual transmission car. An automatic car doesn’t require any clutch and gear control, which is mostly a difficult task for new learners, ladies and elderly people to do while driving a manual transmission car. Automatic transmission makes driving more relaxed and convenient. The thing is that you must have knowledge about how automatic car functions. Here some easy facts about Automatic transmission and Tips for Driving Automatic Car have been discussed:
There is a gear but it functions differently.

1. Park (p): This mode stands for mechanically locking the transmission, in  this state the non-drive wheel s of the car may spin freely therefore use hand brake to lock the rear wheels of the car. The use of handbrake prevents the car from moving if accidentally the mode changes.

2. Reverse (R): This mode is to move the car in backward position. Use this function when car is completely stopped and then shift lock position must be pushed.

3. Neutral (N): This transmission is for free car movement under its own weight, in this there is absence of transmission from the wheels. In this position it is possible to start the car.

4. Drive (D): Drive mechanism is for car moving forward and throttle. This is possible through the range of gears provided in the car. Depending upon the car model the gears mainly ranges from 3 to 8.

Tips for Driving an Automatic Car:

1. The AT cars comes only with two foot pedals the brake and accelerator pedal (gas pedal)

2. While driving use your right foot for operating those two pedals and the left foot rests beside.

3. Prior starting the car check that gear is in (p) mode and then start the engine.

4. Afterwards press brake pedal and push the gear from Park position to drive mode.

5. Make sure that you have enough space to move the car Release handbrake

6. If there are other vehicles around use indicators to warn them.

7. Gradually move your foot from brake pedal and the car will move forward.

8. To increase the speed press gas pedal and here your easy driving car goes smoothly.

Now a day’s automatic transmission car are gaining popularity in India. The AT cars are simply awesome to drive especially when you are on highways and it also gives great relief to congested city traffic drive where one is free from hassle of shifting  gears very frequently. Hence, this article will surely help in getting idea of how to drive automatic car.

Tips for driving an automatic car will help the people who are inexperienced in driving AT cars. There are upcoming cars going to be arrived in coming months which will make a good choice in automatic versions.
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So changing gear is difficult for ladies? Have you read up on driving statistics in Europe? Most cars there are not automatic and women drivers are safer than male drivers so they must have mastered this very difficult skill. A exist and incorrect comment.

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What sexist rubbish

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ladies MUST be better drivers - we are cheaper to insure!

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What about the D1 and D2 what are their function?

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The thing is that you must have knowledge about how automatic car functions.

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Here some easy facts about Automatic transmission and Tips for Driving Automatic Car have been discussed:

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To all the ladies with issues about the patriarchy: a lot of wimmin do prefer automatics because they don't have to touch the phallic gear stick :)

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Others find it unnecessary to get a cover for their car's protection when they know there won't be any scratches on it considering they drive it everywhere and park it just about anywhere they think it will be safe in anyway. Yet that question presented earlier remains unanswered.


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